Referees, or Skating Officials, are an essential part of games and practices. They enforce game safety and determine penalties. Referees skate on both the inside and outside of the track, wearing the same safety equipment that skaters do, plus a whistle of course. Being a referee is a fantastic way to be directly involved in this exciting sport.


NSO’s, or Non-Skating Officials, track data and run the game. NSO’s run the game clock, record the points scored, track and time penalties, list the skaters for each jam – as well as other game day responsibilities. If you want to be a part of derby, but strapping on skates isn’t for you – become an NSO and have a front row view of all the derby. You won’t regret it. 


Referees & NSO’s keep the game safe and running smoothly, using the rules and practices of the WFTDA.

We are happy to train you to fill as many different officiating roles as you are willing to put in the work to learn.

Please contact Blue Ridge Roller Derby’s Head Official & Head Referee PackMan at